Great Places to Take Someone in Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is one of the nicest cities in Switzerland, and a great place to meet someone, go on a first date or to take your wife or significant other for a night on the town.

botanical gardens
Zurich botanical gardens

Especially early in a relationship, you want to do things and go out. Quiet nights in and cuddling can come later! Here are some great places in Zurich to take someone you’ve met, to show them a good time!

Botanical Garden – The Botanical Gardens in Zurich are simply amazing. They have an enormous collection of living species from across the world. There are more than three million plants in this garden. Its the perfect arena to take someone on a date in Zurich. You’ll always have something to talk about (if you know about plants, you can show of some of your knowledge), and pretty things to look at in order to set the mood.

penguin march zurich
Zurich Zoo – Penguin March

Zoological Garden – The Zurich Zoo contains more than 2000 animals in open air, indoor enclosures and in the aquarium. Some of my favorites are the giant tortoise house, elephant dwelling, the monkey house, and the terrariums. Looking at the animals will keep the conversation rolling forward and provide great opportunities for you to show off how smart, funny or sensitive you are… And definitely don’t forget the penguin parade.

Urania Observatory – You and your date can see a myriad of stars, or just look at Zurich and the distant Alps through a telescope. If you’re feeling extra romantic, go online and buy your special someone a star!

Modern Art MuseumThis museum has special exhibitions of artists, as well as a massive collection of paintings, sculptures and other art forms.

The Helvetia Square Flea Market – The flea market at  Helvetiaplatz is the largest Swiss year-round flea market in the city. It takes place every Saturday with up to 400 sellers of all kinds.

zurich flea market
Flea Market

Uetliberg. – At 2,850 feet above sea level, Uetliberg towers over  Zurich. It affords a romantic, panoramic view of the city, the lake and the Alps. Go up by bike, foot or train. The walk down is easier than then going up and gives a great view on clear day. Here’s a hint: Bring along a bottle of wine, some nice fruit, bread and cheese,  and a blanket to spread on the grass to enjoy the view.

There are thousands of other great places to go in Zurich! If you think about what you want to do with your date, you’ll sure to find something you’ll both enjoy.